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I looked at state parks and hotel conference rooms, but in the end, the beauty and charm of the Thousand Islands Winery won them the distinct honor of hosting Butch and Corinne’s Rustic Love Post-Elopement Party 2011 (or something like that…I’m still working on the name). The 1920’s kit barn will go perfectly with the natural/rustic theme I’ve been leaning towards, and the price just couldn’t be beat. Now it’s time to start planning decorations – any ideas?


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Lately I’ve also started to plan the massive road trip part of our elopement. Our route will roughly be as follows:

Redwood, NY –> New Jersey (for Christmas) –> Maryland (visit Stacy) –> Virginia –> North Carolina –> Tennessee (Nashville, Memphis, Graceland, Dollywood, obvs) —> Louisiana/New Orleans (to get MARRIED!) –> Texas (Houston to visit Heather, Austin) –> Georgia (Atlanta to see Adam, Savannah) —> South Carolina (Charleston)  –> DC (to visit Jason) –> Back up to Redwood

I can’t help but be reminded of a roadtrip my parents took shortly after they got married – across the U.S. to the west coast and back through Canada. I’ll have to ask them for some stories/tips…since I know they did a lot of camping. Besides staying with family and friends along the way, camping seems to be the way to (cheaply) go for the most part….obviously a hotel/motel room here and there won’t hurt!

And on the note of keepin’ it cheap, my friend Charlie recently interviewed this guy, Brian Spigel, who only travels for $1000 max. He calls it A Grand Adventure – Sounds good to me!

Flowerchild camping photo from rockie nolan’s flickr

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In researching the elopement part of this multi-part marriage, I discovered that Louisiana does not require a waiting period for out-of-state residents who want to marry within it’s state lines. And while there seems to be no end to options (and cost) when it comes to taking the big plunge in the Big Easy, the most appropriate (and cheapest) setup for us personally seems to be to hire Chaplain  J. K. Schwhem of the Fig Street group to come meet us in Auduban Park (after obtaining our marriage license, of course). For anyone who isn’t a die-hard fan of F that S, here’s a few shots I took of the Park’s live oaks last year when Butch and I visited:


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ITEM! I’ve now decided to have the reception/party up here in the North Country, and not down in Jersey as originally planned. No this sudden change was not made just to keep you on your toes, but because I was starting to feel extremely stressed out over trying to plan something 8 hours away….so thems the breaks!

But no worries – I will stay as true as possible to my original plan of rustic, naturey goodness. Currently I’m in talks with a few of the local state parks (there’s, like, 6 within a 20 minute drive) to rent a pavilion at least for the “ceremony/slideshow” part….then from there we can either party on site or drive a short distance to one of the delicious, river-side restaurants for the remainder of the evening, depending on cost. Another option would be to rent the greenhouse at Kring’s, although we wouldn’t want to stay in there too long!

In the meantime, here are some more inspirational weddings:


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Yeah, I’ve been a little absent from both of my blogs lately…but I’ve been so busy with so many completely unrelated things (Not to mention battling a cold – I mean, who gets a cold in the summer?). But one project that is relevant to F that aiSle is my wedding dress that I’ve been busy embroidering!

First I created a few sketches that we (Butchy “helped”) felt best described the story of us visually…then resized and arranged them into a design that would look best at the base of the dress:

Then I used iron-on pen to transfer the design to the dress. And now I’ve been slowly embroidering the design with a limited color palette of red, black, peach and off-white (to keep it classy):

So just a little taste of one of the millions of things crowding my brain in recent weeks. But it looks good so far, huh? Onward!

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