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Went to a last minute “bridal show” this past weekend. For those not in the know, a bridal show is like a hunting/fishing expo, but instead of guns and rods, there were cakes and gowns. I ignored most of the frills (well, except the free samples), and headed straight to the photographers.

I was looking for one particular photographer – Marta Beach. She was recommended to me by Dianne Kring (former employer at Kring’s Nursery and local Mary Kay representative), and as soon as I met her I was smitten! She is friendly and laid-back and fun and adorable – actually someone you would want to invite to your wedding. Plus her work is amazing and her prices are not only reasonable, but flexible.

So I officially booked her today and will schedule our first consultation sometime in the near future…preferably after things settle down a little with our attempts to purchase our first house!*

*Which of course affects other plans, like elopement road trips, but one thing at a time…

Edited to add: As nice as she was, I actually would not recommend this photographer. She did not respect my wishes for how to place the family for formal photos (recent divorce on groom’s side); After the check was cashed I didn’t hear from her for a whole month and had to practically beg to get an ANSWER as to when I was getting my photos; The photos were barely retouched and color corrected – I had to do it myself (I’m a graphic designer, so I notice these things); And when I tried to complain about all of the above, all I got were excuses – never once was any money back or additional services offered…the impression I got was “too bad.” So needless to say, NOT who I would recommend for a local photographer on the River.



Bridal show photo from Charming Weddings


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If you followed my original blog, F that S, you would’ve seen a photo of the engagement ring Butch gave to me back in June. A simple silver band with an organic texture, and 3 tiny inlaid diamonds. I wanted something pretty that wouldn’t get in the way of the million-and-one things I do with my hands – and this ring, from Sterling up in Kingston, Ontario, fit the bill.

[Edited to add: Finally remembered who the designed my engagement ring: Turtle Love, Co.]

With only 3 months to go before we elope, it’s now time to think about buying wedding rings. I’ve been doing a lot of research, and apparently most people wear both the engagement and wedding rings together on the same finger (no, I did not already know this – I in fact also had to look up which finger that even was…Can you tell I’m not very wedding-minded?), so the hunt is now on for something that will compliment the ring I already have. Here’s what I’ve found on Etsy so far:


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Now that the venue and date is booked, there’s a little time before I have to stress about photographers and caterers for me to focus on a few fun things. I’ve been supporting independent artists as much as possible in my accessorizing, but being a crafty lady myself, there is definitely plenty I (with the help of creative family & friends) can create myself for the “big day.” One such item would be the cake, or in our case pie, topper. I did a quick scan of etsy for inspiration:


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