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Being snowed-in in Jersey right now, I’ve been spending the day hoarding my brother-in-laws-to-be’s computers and doing a little wedding research…specifically for table number designs. Since the theme is “handmade with love” (not the first, nor the last, time you will hear that), I’m leaning towards embroidery hoops with table numbers embroidered/sewn/appliqued/crafted on in some way.

From The Inspired Bride

From AdamsRib Etsy page


From OnceWed

From Martha Stewart (Good idea for a stand here)

From Emmaline Bride (Not exactly a table number, but cute just the same)


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Since I’m currently in the stage between one flurry of activity and another, I thought I’d take a minute to explain why we’re no longer eloping as planned.

We really wanted to elope. We had even started to plan the route and the details. My plan was to find another seasonal job (through Christmas), travel while collecting unemployment in January and then find a more permanent job once we got back. Butch could have easily taken 3 weeks+ off of work since it would be the slow season. But then we started looking for houses, found one on the first day, and realized we’d have to decide between spending money on a road trip or on a house. Near or far. We chose the house since it was perfect, and the road trip was put on hold. Since we were already planning on having a party next summer to celebrate the marriage, we’ve now tacked on a quick 15 minute ceremony to seal the deal. Of course, we were also planning on doing a “mortgage” registry, so now it will just be a regular one…which means I’ll have to come up with a list of stuff for people to buy me. Well, that’s life.

I’m almost at the point of brainstorming the fun stuff – decorations, flowers, favors…The theme of the event is “handmade with love,” after all. But there’s still some business I have to take care of before then. I have contracts from both the photographer and the officiant I need to go over. And if ONLY I could get the caterer to send me one, I could take care of that as well. I know I’m a bit more high strung then the folks up here, but dealing with people on a business level who have absolutely NO sense of urgency can be lacking in the reassurance department.

I’m not trying to sound unexcited about the whole thing, but all of this extra stuff is not only adding extra stress to my life, but is exactly what I didn’t want to do in the first place. I know I could have hired a planner, but that seemed like a waste of money for how low-key the whole thing is going to be. And I know it wouldn’t seem so overwhelming if I wasn’t also buying a house at the same time (with many of the same, foot-dragging, experiences). Ah well, that’s life too, I suppose. Time to go look at some wedding blogs to get back in the spirit!


Fait avec Amour (Made with Love) ribbon from Sublime Stitching. Unfortunately it sold out before I could get my little paws on some!

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