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So I’ve started having nightmares about the wedding. The most vivid being where my sister gets up to give her speech…before I’ve even walked down the aisle (not that there will be an “aisle”, but this is dreamland), and the speech is so awkward and inappropriate that the entire event is cancelled (anyone who witnessed a certain speech at Rich’s wedding will understand). I’ve also dreamed that my engagement ring has broken in half…obviously I’m stressed!

I’m trying to cope by focusing on one thing at a time. One of my immediate “to-do’s” is to design the invites (I’ve already bought the paper from Kate’s Paperie). I had been brainstorming how to make them look “hand-made” without, you know, hand-crafting every one when I came upon the idea of mimicing old fashioned cross stitch samplers! The paper I bought is long and skinny (cheaper than the typical 4×6/5×7), so any extra space at the top and bottom can be filled with rows of pattern, a la sampler. Cue the inspirational shots:

From luxist



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Now that we’ve closed on the house and moved, I can turn my focus back to the wedding planning part of my life (Fun tip: Don’t ever try to close on a house/move/plan a wedding at the same time)….And being at the stage of planning that I am, that means getting out the old checkbook for some deposits – Yay…y….

Even though we’re receiving money-help from all parents, it looks like the majority of will be going towards food/alcohol (with good reason!), so there definitely will be expenses left for us to cover. And since Butch is much more interested in spending money to knock down walls in le neue chez then with what the reception centerpieces will look like, it will really end up being me who’s putting up the extra cash.

I’ve paid the catering, photography, and (am about to send) the officiant deposits, so now I can get on with some of the lesser expenses: Mainly the paper/envelopes for invites, party rental supplies, and decorations. Which may not end up being that much lesser of expenses, but I’m trying to be positive! I do know that I will be saving a BIG chunk o’ change between what I’m going to just do myself, and what family members/friends are going to help out with.

I will:
– Design/print/address/mail the invites
– Design/print escort cards 
– Make table numbers/centerpieces
– Make any other decorations (prob not too many – the venue is beautiful enough!)
– Work with one of the designers here at work to get the flowers together
– Be designing/printing photo albums afterward (with mypublisher.com)

My mom and Butch’s mom (and prob my sister) will:
– Bake pies/treats for desert table
– Help decorate

My dad will:
– Create the slideshow for cocktail hour (I need to get him pictures!)

Butch’s sister, Susan, will:
– Bake treats for desert table
– Be assisting me as DJ of the event
– Do my hair/makeup day-of

My friend Angela will:
– Create our wedding rings for us (!)

Butch will:
– Build 3 “cake-stands” for the pies
– Bake pies/treats for desert table
– Create the owl cake topper for the main pie
– Show up!

Well…while the above list definitely helps out in the long run, it’s reminding me that I really need to start getting things together on my end, especially in order for these people to help me. Onward!

Photo from All Things DIY Bride

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