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So, I’ve convinced myself that besides the accessories I already have, I also need some sort of head piece/hair-flair for the big day. After finding a cheapo headband-with-mini-hat at Claire’s and attaching all sorts of crafty goodness via hot glue gun, I was very pleased with my creation…until I explained it to my coworker Vinne (who will be designing my flowers). He interrupted immediately to ask if I’d watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and/or heard of a drag queen named Ongina. This did not sound good…



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Now that I’m done my 10-day-in-a-row stretch of work (yay floral industry, yay valentine’s day), and feel halfway human again (yay, sleep), I can focus on wedding stuff again. Besides getting my vendors’ info organized today, I started the wedding registry.

My criteria for the registry was that it had to be online, at one location, but not limited to one particular store…which is why I chose to use Amazon.com. It was easy to set up (I already had an Amazon account) and a lot of the items I wanted could be found directly on Amazon. For items from other sites, Amazon has this nifty “Add to Registry” button that can be dragged up into your browser toolbar. Whenever you see something you like on another site, just click the button and it adds it to your registry (just like adding to your Wists). Simple!

Then came the hard part – what to put on there? Amazon has a “Top 100” of what other couples had wanted, which was mostly helpful (I mean, a Playstation, really?), and one of my magazines also has a useful list to start from. But as I searched and researched and clicked and added I couldn’t shake the weird feeling of…guilt. As in, why am I asking people to buy me a wicker hamper when I could just buy it myself? Since landing my first job, I don’t think I’ve ever expected anyone else to buy me everyday items…I mean, that’s why I work isn’t it? And with this being my mindset I really had to wrack my brain to add things under $50 (the very things I would just slap on the debit card), since I really do want a well-rounded list that anyone can feel comfortable buying from.

Butch still has to look the list (and, I’m assuming, add a bunch of fishing stuff), but I think it may be just about ready to publish! I was also thinking of collecting everyone’s email addresses, just to remind them of the website I made and that they should probably book their hotel rooms sooner than later…there’s always more to do!


1950’s Wedding Registry from insideweddings.com

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Hello, Dahlia!

Just a little inspiration station for my dahlia bouquet:

From kugab.blogspot.com  (more…)

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