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No, I did not roll myself out of bed at 6am (on my one day off) to watch the royal wedding live, but I did mosey around the internet later to have a peek at what lovely Kate decided to wear:

From shoppingblog.com

I LOVE! I wouldn’t personally do a long-sleeved and well, looong dress, but this masterpiece by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen is so appropriate for the formality of the day. It looks like something Grace Kelly would have worn, but the deep neckline adds just enough of a modern flair. Not to mention I have no idea how she poured herself into it…thank god my dress is forgiving of the mid-section – I want to be able to eat!

And how adorable is Wills? Apparently he stuttered “You look, er, you are beautiful” when she got to the altar. At least he seemed to relax a bit back at the Palace where they kissed for the screaming crowd below:

From The Daily Mail (Many more photos here)

Of course I couldn’t help notice the sour looking little girl in the lower left…who apparently got even more sour:

From FitnessNYC.com

All in all, Kate seemed pretty cool throughout the entire pomp and circumstance. I’m sure it helps that she’s not a young bride (she’s 29, like me) being thrust into the spotlight. I’d like to think that I’ll have the same confidence on my big day. If Kate can do it, so can I!


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Due to some major reality checks recently, I have decided to only make room in my life for that which is positive and enriching. This thinking has forced me to cut out anything that is not working for me (or working against me), and that includes reexamining how my “wants” relate to my actual budget for the wedding. As hard as it was, we’ve decided to cut out 2 major expenses: The Flowers and the Honeymoon. GASP! I know, the horror! With the honeymoon, I think it will just have to wait until next year, because we just don’t have the money. I’ve tried to keep this wedding as low cost and DIY as possible, but with all the expenses that come with a new house, there’s no way I’ll be able to enjoy myself fully on the trip with how much debt I’m bound to be in at that point in the summer. It’s sad…but if we go on it next year then it can be an anniversary trip!

Now even though I would get a discount on the flowers through work, it was the only vendor that made sense to cut, especially since I’m not willing to go cheaper on the food. And I think it’s one of those elements that can be easily replicated in a crafty way – like with tissue paper or crepe paper flowers:

How incredible do those blossoms look? And the tutorial, from House Tweaking, looks super easy. I think this method would work well for the flowers on the tables…big bunches of brightly colored, fluffy flowers!


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I finally got all the invites in the mail…and at this point, everyone should have received them. I designed them myself (obviously), based on vintage cross stitch samplers to keep with the “handmade” look/theme. The black boxes are hiding top-secret information not appropriate for internet-eyes.

So far the invite has been getting rave reviews! And guests also seem to be successfully navigating the website and online-only RSVP’ing and registry for the most part, so that’s good… Now I just have to keep the crafty momentum going for another 3 1/2 months!

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Hopefully, this couple is nowhere near Montreal when we go on our honeymoon…

From AOL Travel News:

Stefan and Erika Svanstrom of Stockholm, Sweden, managed to encounter six natural disasters on their recent four-month honeymoon – including flooding in Australia and the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


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Swedish landscape design student Hanna Frisk created an enormous bridal bouquet featured at the Garden Festival at Sofiero in Helsingbborg. According to this article, her “‘Duet of the bouquet,’ [is] a seven feet long and three feet high hollow bridal bouquet. ‘The outside symbolizes the wedding itself and the inside marriage as it should be with security and closeness.'”

Swedish blogger Carina Bergius took some beautiful photos of the piece, and went more in depth on the artistic intent (this is via Google Translate, so I’m sure the grammar is a little off):

The bouquet, which she has designed himself, is a metaphor for marriage: The inside consists of moss and plants that hold for a long life. The outside is decorated with cut flowers and stands for the beauty of celebrating love on their wedding day. One can step into the bridal bouquet innermost rooms. Here are the walls and ceiling covered with moss and ferns. It stands for things that are important for long-lasting marriage: security.


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