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This is what the forecast currently is for my wedding day: 60% chance of scattered t-storms and extremely muggy. While I am a bit worried  that my notoriously difficult hair may end up looking like Phil Spector on a good day, my main concern is for photos and that the ceremony is supposed to be on the Winery lawn – with no tent.

Now both the photos and ceremony can be moved inside, for better or worse, but how do I keep all the guests comfortable? And how do I still look cute with frizzed hair and rain boots? Easy, apparently:

From Stephanie Williams Photography

From The Process of Remembering

From HM Photography

From diyweddingsmag

From The Uptown Bride

From Meg Perotti

From Wedding Dresses

Even though I knew there was a risk of rain when I booked a venue near the River, I’m hoping that the North Country manages to maintain its July track-record of beautiful weekends. I’ll throw whatever is needed out to the universe to turn the tides (jetstream?) in my favor (even hanging a rosary outside my window)…but if not I’ll pick up some cute galoshes and a bunch of brightly colored umbrellas!

And, apparently, rain on your wedding day is good luck…some even believe rain on your wedding day means that your marriage will be blessed with fertility and good fortune. And on a more practical note, if the wedding manages to go smoothly despite heavenly turbulance, then at least we’ll know we can weather (ha) any obstacle!

Scattered t-storms icon from hnl.ca


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We’ve been plugging away over here in weddingland…with Butch even switching into high gear the last week or so. However, things got a little tense in the Mr. & Mrs. Mockler-to-be household last night as I realized that I may have to sell a kidney in order to pay all the vendors come the big day. After laying awake for a while, I decided that the only solution is for everything to go on a credit card until then: Gas, groceries, bills, etc….not just all the other (re: home improvement) items I’ve been buying lately. This also stresses me out since I’m not one to ever use my credit card, much less amass hundreds of dollars of debt on it…

But I’m trying to stay positive – after all, it’s going to be a great party, with delicious food… and I am so excited to see all our family and friends, most whom we haven’t seen since we moved up here!*

So in trying to remember to be thankful amidst stress and chaos, send this to someone you care about:

*And for even more positive perspective on wedding spending, see this article over at A Practical Wedding.

Picture from sayingimages

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I’ve been slowly working on the reception playlist – my biggest burst of activity being when I recently went on an iTunes store shopping spree fueled by junior-high dance memories (hint: I was a real hotstepper). But now that I’ve captured the essential boogie-down tunes, I’m a little stuck as to what to do for the slower ones.  I highly doubt there will be a “first dance,” but I know some of my guests might want to dance cheek-to-cheek with the ones they love. On the other hand, the whole event is casual, and many of our friends are coming single, so I don’t want to create any awkward moments.

The official rule of thumb seems to be 1 slow song for every 4 fast, and slow songs do give the real party animals a break from the floor so they can sit down for a breather. I’ve got some classics (Billie, Ella & Louie, Frank) on hand, but I think what’s stumping me is the when. As in, how do I know when to schedule in the slow-dance tracks? Remember, I decided against a DJ (I will not abide Rod Stewart’s “Have I Told You Lately”), but a DJ would at least be able to “read” the crowd and change the pace accordingly, whereas I’m making a set playlist that will be played from beginning to end from an iPod. Butch reassures me that whatever I do will set the pace, but I’m not so sure. So, how do I do this like a pro?

If only things were as easy as on Everybody Loves Raymond, when Robert and Amy got married:

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Hopefully, this couple is nowhere near Montreal when we go on our honeymoon…

From AOL Travel News:

Stefan and Erika Svanstrom of Stockholm, Sweden, managed to encounter six natural disasters on their recent four-month honeymoon – including flooding in Australia and the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


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…Tell me how elaborate I need to get with wedding favors?

The escort cards I chose happen to have a plantable paper heart attached that blooms into wildflowers (the card also says “Please Be Seeded” – amazing). The heart matches my theme, and the seeds match my green(ish) interests:

…so my question is – is that enough of a favor?


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The loose theme of our wedding is “handmade with love,” and while I’m trying not to drive myself batty making everything myself, there are certain elements that have been, since the beginning, very important to me to be customized. The dress for example. In case you need a reminder, I bought a cheap white cotton dress on ebay and have been embroidering the story of Butch and I on it, as well as adding other bits of flair….and I’m Still. Working. On. It.

…because I’m a lazy procrastinator.


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So, I’ve convinced myself that besides the accessories I already have, I also need some sort of head piece/hair-flair for the big day. After finding a cheapo headband-with-mini-hat at Claire’s and attaching all sorts of crafty goodness via hot glue gun, I was very pleased with my creation…until I explained it to my coworker Vinne (who will be designing my flowers). He interrupted immediately to ask if I’d watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and/or heard of a drag queen named Ongina. This did not sound good…


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