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This is what the forecast currently is for my wedding day: 60% chance of scattered t-storms and extremely muggy. While I am a bit worried  that my notoriously difficult hair may end up looking like Phil Spector on a good day, my main concern is for photos and that the ceremony is supposed to be on the Winery lawn – with no tent.

Now both the photos and ceremony can be moved inside, for better or worse, but how do I keep all the guests comfortable? And how do I still look cute with frizzed hair and rain boots? Easy, apparently:

From Stephanie Williams Photography

From The Process of Remembering

From HM Photography

From diyweddingsmag

From The Uptown Bride

From Meg Perotti

From Wedding Dresses

Even though I knew there was a risk of rain when I booked a venue near the River, I’m hoping that the North Country manages to maintain its July track-record of beautiful weekends. I’ll throw whatever is needed out to the universe to turn the tides (jetstream?) in my favor (even hanging a rosary outside my window)…but if not I’ll pick up some cute galoshes and a bunch of brightly colored umbrellas!

And, apparently, rain on your wedding day is good luck…some even believe rain on your wedding day means that your marriage will be blessed with fertility and good fortune. And on a more practical note, if the wedding manages to go smoothly despite heavenly turbulance, then at least we’ll know we can weather (ha) any obstacle!

Scattered t-storms icon from hnl.ca


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Now that the wedding guests have (mostly) RSVP’d, I designed a quick mini-invite for the brunch-only guests – local friends and coworkers. I just wanted to make them feel special even if we were only seeing them on Sunday!

In other news: We met with the judge today at the Winery to go over the basics of the ceremony. That really helped me since I’d been feeling like that part of the day was so unstructured and “whatever”…but now it will be personalized and special and organized. We’ll also be doing a full-family rehearsal the day before, and I have a fairly good idea of what I’ll be saying for my vows, so I’m feeling better about that all around.

Another HUGE event was the caterer telling me that not only can I put the remainder of what I owe them on my credit card (Hallelujah!), but that he will rework the numbers to suit the approximately 90 guests I’ll be having (despite his initial 100 person minimum). This is all great news! Now I can pay just the photographer and rental company in full and worry about the caterer after the wedding.

Butch and I have both been steadily checking things off our respected “To Do” lists, including projects around the house and yard. Things are really coming along….Only a month and a half to go!

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We’ve been plugging away over here in weddingland…with Butch even switching into high gear the last week or so. However, things got a little tense in the Mr. & Mrs. Mockler-to-be household last night as I realized that I may have to sell a kidney in order to pay all the vendors come the big day. After laying awake for a while, I decided that the only solution is for everything to go on a credit card until then: Gas, groceries, bills, etc….not just all the other (re: home improvement) items I’ve been buying lately. This also stresses me out since I’m not one to ever use my credit card, much less amass hundreds of dollars of debt on it…

But I’m trying to stay positive – after all, it’s going to be a great party, with delicious food… and I am so excited to see all our family and friends, most whom we haven’t seen since we moved up here!*

So in trying to remember to be thankful amidst stress and chaos, send this to someone you care about:

*And for even more positive perspective on wedding spending, see this article over at A Practical Wedding.

Picture from sayingimages

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Due to some major reality checks recently, I have decided to only make room in my life for that which is positive and enriching. This thinking has forced me to cut out anything that is not working for me (or working against me), and that includes reexamining how my “wants” relate to my actual budget for the wedding. As hard as it was, we’ve decided to cut out 2 major expenses: The Flowers and the Honeymoon. GASP! I know, the horror! With the honeymoon, I think it will just have to wait until next year, because we just don’t have the money. I’ve tried to keep this wedding as low cost and DIY as possible, but with all the expenses that come with a new house, there’s no way I’ll be able to enjoy myself fully on the trip with how much debt I’m bound to be in at that point in the summer. It’s sad…but if we go on it next year then it can be an anniversary trip!

Now even though I would get a discount on the flowers through work, it was the only vendor that made sense to cut, especially since I’m not willing to go cheaper on the food. And I think it’s one of those elements that can be easily replicated in a crafty way – like with tissue paper or crepe paper flowers:

How incredible do those blossoms look? And the tutorial, from House Tweaking, looks super easy. I think this method would work well for the flowers on the tables…big bunches of brightly colored, fluffy flowers!


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Honeymoon in…Montreal

Even though the wedding is months away, I felt that Butch and I should at least finalize where we’re going to spend our honeymoon….if only to reserve the hotel room. In the interest of saving money/time, we knew we wanted to pick a location we could drive to in a few hours or less. Niagara Falls was briefly discussed, if only because we’d never been there, and it was the classic honeymoon destination of old.


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Now that we’ve closed on the house and moved, I can turn my focus back to the wedding planning part of my life (Fun tip: Don’t ever try to close on a house/move/plan a wedding at the same time)….And being at the stage of planning that I am, that means getting out the old checkbook for some deposits – Yay…y….

Even though we’re receiving money-help from all parents, it looks like the majority of will be going towards food/alcohol (with good reason!), so there definitely will be expenses left for us to cover. And since Butch is much more interested in spending money to knock down walls in le neue chez then with what the reception centerpieces will look like, it will really end up being me who’s putting up the extra cash.

I’ve paid the catering, photography, and (am about to send) the officiant deposits, so now I can get on with some of the lesser expenses: Mainly the paper/envelopes for invites, party rental supplies, and decorations. Which may not end up being that much lesser of expenses, but I’m trying to be positive! I do know that I will be saving a BIG chunk o’ change between what I’m going to just do myself, and what family members/friends are going to help out with.

I will:
– Design/print/address/mail the invites
– Design/print escort cards 
– Make table numbers/centerpieces
– Make any other decorations (prob not too many – the venue is beautiful enough!)
– Work with one of the designers here at work to get the flowers together
– Be designing/printing photo albums afterward (with mypublisher.com)

My mom and Butch’s mom (and prob my sister) will:
– Bake pies/treats for desert table
– Help decorate

My dad will:
– Create the slideshow for cocktail hour (I need to get him pictures!)

Butch’s sister, Susan, will:
– Bake treats for desert table
– Be assisting me as DJ of the event
– Do my hair/makeup day-of

My friend Angela will:
– Create our wedding rings for us (!)

Butch will:
– Build 3 “cake-stands” for the pies
– Bake pies/treats for desert table
– Create the owl cake topper for the main pie
– Show up!

Well…while the above list definitely helps out in the long run, it’s reminding me that I really need to start getting things together on my end, especially in order for these people to help me. Onward!

Photo from All Things DIY Bride

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And by STDs I mean Save-The-Dates!

The STDs were mailed out today to the out-of-town guests (which is most everyone), so keep an eye on that mailbox! To create them, I alternately stitched and stamped the letters, and included one of my drawings that’s currently being embroidered onto the dress. Everything was then scanned in and sent off to Vistaprint to be turned into inexpensive business-card-sized magnets.

In the envelopes (off-white, bought cheaply at Staples in a box of 100) I also included a small insert (printed on off-white, linen paper, also from Staples) with more info, including mention of our wedding website, which in turn has more info into accommodations, schedule, etc…I won’t announce that url here, just in case some creepster is following my blog and wants to show up day-of dressed in nothing but my chosen flowers (dahlias, by the way, in reds and pinks).

[In case anyone who receives this package wonders why I did not address the envelopes myself…it’s mostly because my handwriting is appalling. And so when I was at Staples, I also bought some printer-safe mailing labels, in clear matte, and just used a nice scripty font. My handwriting will be revealed come Thank-You-Note time…]

Other major elements seem to be coming together lately as well. I finally got a call back from my preferred caterer of choice, and local judge (and friend of Better Farm) Sherry Pennington has agreed to serve as officiant. The only other thing I need to get to sooner than later is booking party rentals (linens, china, etc)….but since that sounds boring, I’m putting it off for a little bit longer. Onward!






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