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Anyone who’s read the “About Me” section on this blog knows that the part of the whole wedding that I was least crazy about was the ceremony. I don’t particularly enjoy public speaking, and was afraid the whole seriousness of the moment would come across as awkward at best. The whole thing felt unstructured and overlooked, which it was. As a great sage once said: “I felt impotent and out of control. Which I really, really hate.” My natural need for order was battling with my complete lack of knowing (or caring?) what to do.

Meeting with the judge helped – we figured out a procession of family members that added structure, and she had a sampling of non-denominational readings that added some length to the service. I also decided to hire a couple extremely talented local musicians (violin and guitar) to play as people are getting seated and during the procession. Their only instructions being to play Simon & Garfunkel’s “Only Living Boy in New York” for the procession and “Kathy’s Song” when I appear, and maybe some Journey after we kiss – other than that, rock hits of their own choosing.

But what about our vows? For some reason this was just completely stumping me, and at the time, Google was failing me for inspiration.* I happened upon a perfect poem for my sister to read after the vows, but what about when the spotlight was on us? I wrote and rewrote heartfelt words to recite to Butch, while he seemed to be happy waiting until the night before to throw something together. After some helpful nagging, he did just that: He threw something together – and it was PERFECT! So out the window went my complicated paragraph and instead I wrote something that matched Butchy’s simple words. I guess he might know a thing or two about weddings after all…

*Now, naturally after the fact, I found a couple great lists (here and here) of readings from Offbeat Bride.

Photo from The Knotty Bride

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Despite dealing with finger-related complications from a recent surgery, my mom has been steadily working on sourcing and designing the paper flowers for the tin-can centerpieces. Originally we were thinking crepe paper flowers, but the color selection of crepe up in Maine left much to be desired, so she switched to tissue paper. Here’s what she’s come up with so far:

So cute! And those heart stamens are made out of a garland that she found. I love the colors and the different patterns mixed in add a nice touch. And she will wisely be traveling with them flat-packed, so assembling them together the week of will be a nice crafty activity.

This week has been a challenge of trying to get ahold of vendors to finalize details. Sure,  it was a holiday weekend, plus my home internet is oh-so-conveniently down until further notice, but it’s amazing to me how uneager these people are to get paid. And there was also the realization that if my proposed seating configuration is approved by the Winery, that there will be less tables…which means that I made a lot of extra centerpieces, both embroidery hoops and cans – YAY for wasted effort!

But anyway, things are moving along and I’m steadily making lists and checking them twice…just trying to keep the big picture in mind – I will have fun and any major disasters can be avoided by spreading lamb’s blood on the door.

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Now that the wedding guests have (mostly) RSVP’d, I designed a quick mini-invite for the brunch-only guests – local friends and coworkers. I just wanted to make them feel special even if we were only seeing them on Sunday!

In other news: We met with the judge today at the Winery to go over the basics of the ceremony. That really helped me since I’d been feeling like that part of the day was so unstructured and “whatever”…but now it will be personalized and special and organized. We’ll also be doing a full-family rehearsal the day before, and I have a fairly good idea of what I’ll be saying for my vows, so I’m feeling better about that all around.

Another HUGE event was the caterer telling me that not only can I put the remainder of what I owe them on my credit card (Hallelujah!), but that he will rework the numbers to suit the approximately 90 guests I’ll be having (despite his initial 100 person minimum). This is all great news! Now I can pay just the photographer and rental company in full and worry about the caterer after the wedding.

Butch and I have both been steadily checking things off our respected “To Do” lists, including projects around the house and yard. Things are really coming along….Only a month and a half to go!

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Since I’m not planning on getting too fancy, I’ve been browsing some wedding sites today, looking for casual hair and/or casual wedding dress inspiration…


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An ongoing project has been the family-made dessert table. I chose to go this route, because 1. I think wedding cakes usually look better than they taste and 2. I didn’t want to spend the money on a cake. Participating bakers/pastry chefs/Keebler elves are, my mom, Butch’s mom, my sister, Butch’s sister and my brother-in-law’s mom. So far the menu ranges from rum cake to apple pie to pignolli cookies to red velvet cake to mexican wedding cakes. There will be something for everyone, and even though the buffet dinner is going to be delish, I hope everyone saves some room for dessert!

The theme of the wedding is “Handmade With Love”…We’ll all be collecting random plates/platters/cake stands/trays for a mismatched look….which will probably end up translating into a “shabby chic” look, so that’s the inspiration I’m going for with how the dessert table will look.

From My Sweet and Saucy:

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Due to some major reality checks recently, I have decided to only make room in my life for that which is positive and enriching. This thinking has forced me to cut out anything that is not working for me (or working against me), and that includes reexamining how my “wants” relate to my actual budget for the wedding. As hard as it was, we’ve decided to cut out 2 major expenses: The Flowers and the Honeymoon. GASP! I know, the horror! With the honeymoon, I think it will just have to wait until next year, because we just don’t have the money. I’ve tried to keep this wedding as low cost and DIY as possible, but with all the expenses that come with a new house, there’s no way I’ll be able to enjoy myself fully on the trip with how much debt I’m bound to be in at that point in the summer. It’s sad…but if we go on it next year then it can be an anniversary trip!

Now even though I would get a discount on the flowers through work, it was the only vendor that made sense to cut, especially since I’m not willing to go cheaper on the food. And I think it’s one of those elements that can be easily replicated in a crafty way – like with tissue paper or crepe paper flowers:

How incredible do those blossoms look? And the tutorial, from House Tweaking, looks super easy. I think this method would work well for the flowers on the tables…big bunches of brightly colored, fluffy flowers!


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