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Ring Ring pt 2

Well, we finally ordered the rings! I had pretty much decided on mine – a lovely stacking ring with a small diamond and a gold hydrangea blossom by Patrick Irla Jewelry:

It was taking Butch longer to decide on what he wanted (after I informed him that, yes, he will be wearing a ring also)…when a jewelry-designer friend mentioned that he could get a wooden ring. He got excited about it then! And since I like to support Etsy designers, we found one on there by Jewelry by John:

Mine already arrived (yes, I wore it around the house a little), but Butch’s is going to take a little longer to make. But, there’s one major step checked off! Now, we just need to get him a suit…


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Yesterday morning, I sat down with my friend Michele, who I’ve asked to cater the Sunday morning (“morning after”) brunch for our wedding. I worked with Michele over at Kring’s Nursery, and she’d always bring in the most interesting (and delicious) lunches, so I knew we would be on the same page as to what constitutes good food.

And boy, did she come prepared! She had a binder with printed out recipes, and lists of ideas for brunchy goodness. In the end we came up with a good mix of sweet and savory, with everything from traditional diner fare to more gourmet menu options… as well as “to-go” options (for those just passing through). And besides the usual coffee, juice and iced tea, there will be Mimosas and Bloody Marys for those needing “the hair of the dog.” And she even said she would take care of the little things, like creating creative labels for the food so everyone knows what they’re eating.

Besides her good taste, I also appreciated how prepared, focused and organized she was. I truly felt like I had handed off a major task, that it would be done, and done well. It’s one less thing I have to worry about!

Photo from Simply Creative Insanity

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Went to a last minute “bridal show” this past weekend. For those not in the know, a bridal show is like a hunting/fishing expo, but instead of guns and rods, there were cakes and gowns. I ignored most of the frills (well, except the free samples), and headed straight to the photographers.

I was looking for one particular photographer – Marta Beach. She was recommended to me by Dianne Kring (former employer at Kring’s Nursery and local Mary Kay representative), and as soon as I met her I was smitten! She is friendly and laid-back and fun and adorable – actually someone you would want to invite to your wedding. Plus her work is amazing and her prices are not only reasonable, but flexible.

So I officially booked her today and will schedule our first consultation sometime in the near future…preferably after things settle down a little with our attempts to purchase our first house!*

*Which of course affects other plans, like elopement road trips, but one thing at a time…

Edited to add: As nice as she was, I actually would not recommend this photographer. She did not respect my wishes for how to place the family for formal photos (recent divorce on groom’s side); After the check was cashed I didn’t hear from her for a whole month and had to practically beg to get an ANSWER as to when I was getting my photos; The photos were barely retouched and color corrected – I had to do it myself (I’m a graphic designer, so I notice these things); And when I tried to complain about all of the above, all I got were excuses – never once was any money back or additional services offered…the impression I got was “too bad.” So needless to say, NOT who I would recommend for a local photographer on the River.



Bridal show photo from Charming Weddings

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