I know I know – I’ve been talking about working on the playlists for about 2 million years at this point, but I FINALLY finished* them this past weekend. What gave me the inspiration/kick-in-pants that I needed was discovering this post on A Song Blog. An informative breakdown of the ideal feel of the playlist…even with some of the same song choices! I guess what I had needed was someone to literally say “this is how it should be done” instead of leaving me to wallow on my living room floor surrounded by albums arranged in autobiographical order (see High Fidelity: above).

The entire post is well worth reading, but here are the basic “to-dos” that A Song Blog lists:

1. Who is at your wedding?

2. Can you dance to this song?

3. Pay attention to flow

4. What’s the mood?

5. Do people know this song?

6. Watch your language

7. Know your crowd-pleasers

8. Make it yours

All extremely important things to think about – especially #5/#7. I have always prided myself on my eclectic and varied musical tastes, but there will be no shame in me playing Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” because THAT will get people on the floor more than, say Matt & Kim (no offense to M&K, since I did actually go to school with them and they are very nice kids, but I don’t want to see any hipster-wrapped-in-plastic-wrap moves on my dance floor).

Given the time that I have for the reception (about 3 hours), I was really stumped on finding the proper flow for the evening. A Song Blog manages to map out a suggested flow in a way that I could easily follow – starting with oldies/classic songs and moving into more dancey stuff before featuring the first set of slow songs. Then it’s rinse and repeat, increasing the tempo as you go along, with the evening culminating in a super dance-party for the younger crowd. Overall a great post for anyone DJing their own wedding or just hosting a party where they want to keep their guests happily on the dance floor.

*The term “finished” is used loosely here, since I still need to sit down with my soon to be sister-in-law and finalize the list/add some of her music to it….

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Now that the wedding guests have (mostly) RSVP’d, I designed a quick mini-invite for the brunch-only guests – local friends and coworkers. I just wanted to make them feel special even if we were only seeing them on Sunday!

In other news: We met with the judge today at the Winery to go over the basics of the ceremony. That really helped me since I’d been feeling like that part of the day was so unstructured and “whatever”…but now it will be personalized and special and organized. We’ll also be doing a full-family rehearsal the day before, and I have a fairly good idea of what I’ll be saying for my vows, so I’m feeling better about that all around.

Another HUGE event was the caterer telling me that not only can I put the remainder of what I owe them on my credit card (Hallelujah!), but that he will rework the numbers to suit the approximately 90 guests I’ll be having (despite his initial 100 person minimum). This is all great news! Now I can pay just the photographer and rental company in full and worry about the caterer after the wedding.

Butch and I have both been steadily checking things off our respected “To Do” lists, including projects around the house and yard. Things are really coming along….Only a month and a half to go!

We’ve been plugging away over here in weddingland…with Butch even switching into high gear the last week or so. However, things got a little tense in the Mr. & Mrs. Mockler-to-be household last night as I realized that I may have to sell a kidney in order to pay all the vendors come the big day. After laying awake for a while, I decided that the only solution is for everything to go on a credit card until then: Gas, groceries, bills, etc….not just all the other (re: home improvement) items I’ve been buying lately. This also stresses me out since I’m not one to ever use my credit card, much less amass hundreds of dollars of debt on it…

But I’m trying to stay positive – after all, it’s going to be a great party, with delicious food… and I am so excited to see all our family and friends, most whom we haven’t seen since we moved up here!*

So in trying to remember to be thankful amidst stress and chaos, send this to someone you care about:

*And for even more positive perspective on wedding spending, see this article over at A Practical Wedding.

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Since I’m not planning on getting too fancy, I’ve been browsing some wedding sites today, looking for casual hair and/or casual wedding dress inspiration…

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Wedding Envy

I read a hilarious post recently on Broke-Ass Bride where she mourns the weddings she’ll never have. She manages to reference both the dream weddings of the girls in Clueless (sailor hats!) and the video for November Rain…a sentiment that is echoed in even more hilarity over at HitchDied (I definitely need Slash, shirtless and chaps-wearing, to play a solo on site…). It got me thinking about themes I would have liked to explore had my resources, and budget, been limitless:

1. Alice In Wonderland: I would wear Alice’s famous blue get-up, and Butch would wear a jaunty vest with pocket watch and/or a tall hat that may or may not be for sale. Guests would have to travel via elaborate hedge-maze and arrive at exactly tea time. The officiant would conduct the ceremony in rhyme or better yet, in Jabberwocky. The dinner would feature long tables surrounded by singing flower gardens and the meal would include strawberry tarts and turtle soup (with extra pepper). And of course everyone would leave by rabbit hole! I actually thought of this theme partway into planning and kicked myself for not thinking of it in time – although I think Butch would have considered it too girlie…

2. Glam Rock: I would wear a white leather mini dress (with Butch dressed as Slash above), while guests would be encouraged to wear their rock n roll best. We would obviously have a live band consisting of any major rockers still alive, and the lighting would remain on low with only the occasional multicolored flash or strobe. All icing would be black. The night would culminate in the trashing of a hotel room and possibly an incident involving a shark.

3. Great Gatsby/1920’s: I would wear a slinky white evening gown with long black gloves and my hair done in pin curls. Butch would be either impeccably dressed or charmingly disheveled. The reception would happen at a speakeasy and all booze would be provided by rum runners. The night would feature a full orchestra complete with a line up of intricate acts a la The Cotton Club (without the racism) and everyone would dance the jitterbug. This theme could easily be translated into a 1920’s Parisian theme with the entertainment wearing nothing but bananas. For the expensive honeymoon, we could speed off in a rented roadster (without the neighbor-killing car accident, obviously).

In the end, I’m completely pleased with the theme I chose (“Handmade With Love”) as it’s a perfect chance to show off mine (and Butch’s!) crafty skills. The only regret I have is not following through on the threat I made to my parents to be married in a national park and have Bigfoot as the officiant…Oh well, guess I’ll just save that for the 25th anniversary party!

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It’s been a regular craft sweatshop ’round here as the big day looms closer, with a lot being accomplished in just the past few weeks. Even Butch has sprang into action as his excitement grows (or maybe he’s tired of the nagging)…Here’s what we’ve been working on:

The embroidery-hoop table numbers are finally done! Thanks to a couple rainy days weeks and a burst of inspiration, I finally finished. I used a different stitch for each number (*See my list at the bottom if you care to know what’s what). I also made special signs for the escort card table, the sweetheart table, and the dessert table:

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Well, we finally ordered the rings! I had pretty much decided on mine – a lovely stacking ring with a small diamond and a gold hydrangea blossom by Patrick Irla Jewelry:

It was taking Butch longer to decide on what he wanted (after I informed him that, yes, he will be wearing a ring also)…when a jewelry-designer friend mentioned that he could get a wooden ring. He got excited about it then! And since I like to support Etsy designers, we found one on there by Jewelry by John:

Mine already arrived (yes, I wore it around the house a little), but Butch’s is going to take a little longer to make. But, there’s one major step checked off! Now, we just need to get him a suit…